At COGNXT, we have extensive expertise in building highly scalable, flexible, and efficient software systems and applications for various industry sectors across the globe. 

With a passion for technology and our rich industry experience, COGNXT is one of the finest creators of scalable and elastic software systems – managing the projects right from planning to post-launch platform management. 

Our team of developers, solution architects, UX consultants, system engineers, and product owners have an illustrious portfolio, which claims a legacy of successful project deliveries, of many challenging assignments, across various industry sectors. 

We are experts in transforming legacy projects, explaining proofs-of-concept, implanting cultural and behavioral change by implementing agile practices, and conducting a strategic analysis of your existing technology to enable future decision-making.


Our values & approach

Our Driving Principles

Optimize Services

Our processes promote productivity and focus on reducing waste; while also ensuring that our services are delivered expeditiously without compromising quality. Our professional teams work in parallel to render the best use of time. Our drive, rigor, and focus are maintained right throughout the implementation lifecycle of the project, right from inception to deployment.

User-Centric Approach

The user experience is the main motto of everything we do, and our user-centered design process emphasizes insight right from the start. We regularly connect with our clients to meet their expectations and to provide timely updates throughout the process to ensure the project remains on track and avoids any unexpected elements in the future. 

Agile Delivery Management

In the evolving digital world, knowledge & experience are required to respond to the changing conditions. Our agility focuses upon transparency, which means that you’ll have 100% visibility of progress at every stage, and can alter the course of the project as we progress with the implementation.  

Below listed are some of the benefits we provide to our clients –  

Flexibility, Collaboration, Communication, Cross-functional teams, Lightweight documentation.

Strategic Partnership

We focus on building client relationships that last. That is the reason we embellish our teams with the knowledge and skills they need to develop and maintain your digital strategy through iterative awareness sessions, workshops, and coaching. We belives in long-term relationships and sustainable results.