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Experience an innovative and robust recruiting service formulated to increase recruitment productivity, foster hiring collaboration, and improve the candidate experience from sourcing to hiring.
Following is the workflow that we implement to facilitate our Talent Acquisition Process.

  • Attract
  • Select
  • Hire

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At COGNXT, we give extensive sourcing capabilities to explore and connect with the best talent in the market. Explore new references for candidates. Maintain applicants through all social channels. Charter pre-existing contracts with LinkedIn, job portal apps, and more. Plan and execute massive recruitment drives. Create custom professional pages. Interact with candidates from different job portals. Consolidate resumes in real-time. Allure active and passive applicants through content-rich job portal sites. Personalize outreach using custom-made templates, campaigns, and portals. Render status updates to applicants in time. Stay up-to-date on the job search while also staying compliant with the existing resume.


At COGNXT, we make application, interview, and end-to-end hiring processes transparent and easy to manage. Quickly locate candidates' status across multiple jobs portals. Identify bottlenecks and manage dynamic processes. Lowering your advertising budget by analyzing the best candidate sources. Coordinate and interact with hiring teams. Assess, screen, and evaluate the candidates as per the client's requirements. Enhance communication by leveraging custom-made templates, reminders, and timely replies to applicants. Provide timely information to keep recruiters or recruitment staff on track. Address both parties with interview feedback. Identify already registered talent and passive applicants in different job portals. Scrutinize the candidate database rapidly using keywords, advanced filters, and more. Accumulate high-profile candidate search queries for easy repeatability. Schedule follow-up interviews. Streamline coordination across your hiring team. Maintain and track better records with historical messages. Design a template library to ensure regular and compliant messaging. Analyze and evaluate lengthy candidate lists rapidly and use bulk actions to scrutinize. Expedite up the interview process by acquiring relevant information upfront. Get transparent and structured feedback that simplifies candidate evaluation. Ensure all interview alignments before time.


At COGNXT, we make an offer, hire, onboard, and streamline the candidates. Approvals generated by the clients on the offer process are managed and filed. Send the offer letter in time to the selected candidates. Streamline the most crucial stage of the hiring process to offer management and get top candidates to quicker. Set hiring goals and monitor the same. Plan and manage headcount in advance to meet organization targets. Avoid losing candidates to a lengthy hiring process and keep the hiring process on track. Stay compliant with offer letter templates. Streamline coordination by giving offers to applicants. Track and push the hiring team to keep the process on track. Expedite offer letter acceptance in time-sensitive situations. Formulate a single source of truth for all of the hiring data. Reduce implementation timeframes and costs. Diminish the administrative load on client teams by reducing manual data entry.

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